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Architecture & Interior Design

Interior Design

VPA approach to architectural & interior design is to effectively facilitate a collaborative, consensus generating design process that produces customized, purpose-specific building environments that enhance end-user performance and maintains strict control of budget and schedule objectives.We can work with you to plan for, design and execute all aspects of a building project. This means we are involved throughout, from initial concept to completion of the finished product.

Following is a brief explanation of the progressive stages.

  1. Evolution of site, feasibility studies and site analysis.
  2. Initial sketch designs to finalization of design.
  3. Submitting a Proposal /Application to Local Authorities
  4. Detail Design Development for Execution on work
  5. Preparing schedule of time and assist in co-coordinating various agencies on site
  6. Preparing schedule of finishing items and assists to selecting them
  7. Interior Design.


  1. Hospital Design
  2. Hospitality
  3. Corporate Offices

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