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Project Management


Pre Construction Phase

1. Pre-Design

  • Define Preliminary Project Scope Statement
  • Define Project Management Plan
  • Facilitate Client in appointment of Consultants
  • Define Scope of Consultant
  • Define Project Matrix and Communication Protocol

2. Design

  • Define Technical Specifications in coordination with Architect, Consultant and Client
  • Finalisation of design brief in coordination with Consultant
  • Liaise with Client and Consultants to define project budget
  • Preparation of preliminary Execution Plan
  • Preparation of procurement strategy in consultation with Client

3. Tendering

  • Review and finalization of Tender Documents
  • Short listing of Contractors and floating of Tenders
  • Conduct pre- bid meetings with the prospective contractors
  • Review and evaluate bids submitted by prospective contractors
  • Assessment comparative techno- commercial statement
  • Assistance in negotiations with prospective contractors
  • Finalization of Vendors in consultation with Client and Consultants Construction Phase


Construction Phase

1. Time Management

  • Preparation of master schedule
  • Review Weekly and Monthly progress
  • Coordination for design modifications with Client and advise on cost implications
  • Check and track all long lead items for procurement of material, equipment etc

2. Cost Management and Contract Administration

  • Preparation and monitoring of detailed project budget
  • Monitoring monthly ProjectCost- Planned vs Actual
  • Certification and approvalof invoices for payments
  • Review rate analysis of extraitems
  • Tracking changes and variationsin cost.
  • Collection and Management of all contract documents

3. Quality Management

  • Spot checking quality of materials and workmanship on site
  • Propose quality control procedures
  • Presence for critical tests and inspections (on site and off site)

4. Construction Supervision, Monitoring and Coordination

  • Construction Supervision, Monitoring and Coordination
  • Preparation of Various Reports- DPR, WPR, Cost report etc
  • Conduct daily review of works and site progress
  • Coordination with Design team
Post Construction Phase


Post Construction Phase

  • Verification of work upon completion and joint inspection for handover
  • Checking of “as built” drawings and other handing over documents
  • Review of Final account and closure
  • Inspection of snag / punch lists and Closure
  • Coordinate with Contractor for training to the Client
  • Prepare project close out report


Cost Management

1. Pre - Tender Phase

  • Initial budgetary estimate
  • Preliminary cash flow
  • Identification of items for advance purchase
  • Value Engineering
  • Preparation of procurement strategy
  • Advise on the financial effects of advance purchase or advance orders

2. Tendering and Procurement Phase

  • Procurement strategy – packages, tendering and contracts
  • Cost monitoring against design progress
  • Preparation of contract documentation
  • Preparation of standard and consistent BOQ
  • Tender review and analysis
  • Preparation of Letter of Intent and Contract
  • Preparation of formal contract documents for circulation

3. Construction Phase

  • Cost control and administration
  • Change management strategies
  • Progressive cost plan and monitoring of cost
  • Monthly project cost report
  • Measurement Certification and Material reconciliation
  • Standard procedures for progress payments
  • Claim management

4. Project Closeout Phase

  • Preparation of final accounts
  • Financial and contractual close-our
Development Management


Development Management

In Development Management, VPA’s support the prospective Client on following:
  • Establish concept of project
  • Define the objective of a Project
  • Conduct the feasibility
  • Identify and manage participants such as Consultants, Architects, Investors, Bank, Advisors, Planners, Financial Institutes etc
  • Monitor and control construction activities on behalf of Client. Furthermore VPA’s focus on analysis and evaluation of fulfilment of Client objectives on regular basis against the Client requirements provide suitable advice on the same.
Development Management
Advisory Management


Advisory Management

Market Feasibility
  • Detail market assessment to analyse the relevant real estate sector Financial Feasibility
  • Project returns in form of Net Present Value
  • Payback Period
  • Return on the investment Technical Feasibility planning
  • Cross check planning norms considering FSI Calculation
  • Conduct survey Soil, water and location
  • Define Construction Methodology
  • Preliminary Estimate
  • Project Duration Legal Survey
  • Sale/Lease modelling for relevant Segment / Project
  • Verification of title
  • Support for Land acquisition

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